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By Kekemeke Gboloibai .D.

Every God-given power,whether political,economical or spiritual is a means to an end; an end that has a price of responsibilty that should be create noticeable and tangible impact in the lives of the people that are being led.

The former President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica who was nicknamed the “poorest president of the world” for his austere lifestyle and for deploying 90% of his salary for charity while in office profoundly exemplified the essence of political power as the “struggle for the happiness of all”

Obviously, for our priviledged political class, the end is justified by the glory, the trappings and the latitude offered by power to “swoop” on the national cake , craft laws that will clothe them with immunity to further hike the impunity index in governance and not in the least by the provision of quality and accessible education, reversing the sad commentary about Nigeria being home to seven percent of the world poor, providing sustainable antidotes to the country’s infrastructural deficts and the equitable distribution of opportunities and mangement of the common wealth of the country.

Though the PDP may have called for a blanket censorship or ban on the unending tragicomedy series titled”DasukiGate”-an expose on the past adminstration of Goodluck Jonathan- with an ever expanding cast of characters made up of the priviledged class and their cronies in the past 18 months on grounds of unsuitability and selective exposure, rerun it nonetheless on your mind only ,in deference to PDP’s appeal,and see  the evil tapestry of corruption that has the unique  Nigeria trademark: coterie of elites waits in turns to grab power,lazy about at the corridors of power, and seize the moment ,with a finality of intent to plunder the common wealth and starch it away in private farms,soak-away(septic tanks), offshore companies in Cayman Islands, panama and other tax havens.

Structurally, this national malfeasance, aptly captured by Odia Ofeimu in his poem,’National Cake’ has continued to reproduce a progeny of misfits in governance who are simply incapable of adding value to governance at every level of government in the country.